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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Euro 2016: English and Russian fans clash in Marseille

Several England fans were hospitalised after the clashes inside the stadium on Saturday. At least 20 people have been taken to hospital after English and Russian football fans clashed with each other and with French riot police in the French port city of Marseille.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Barca and Real convergence - Whom the Bell Tolls

Once again La Liga champions will be decided only at the last round may take a little while ago. So we should not restore flagging reputation as a tournament is not beautiful. You'll easily find elsewhere in the lack of competitiveness of the Spanish champions. They said the Barcelona - Real Madrid, in fact, is to compete in the higher levels of Glasgow Rangers - Celtic Rangers Scottish Premier League. The argument never became a reality, and now even more wrong... The Rangers have won only relegation and promotion to the top league in Scotland from next season.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wenger blasts did not regret Chase pulled back the gun - Claims Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger's Arsenal manager insisted that I did not pull Cesc Fabregas to the Spanish midfielder. Returned to the team in the past summer. The team has played the game in midfield, enough already. With confidence that the team will score back up after ousting Chelsea in the Premier League table, of course.  Arsene Wenger's team loose cannon Arsenal Hill club's leading Premier League has confirmed that he is properly informed decision. After opting out conditions pulls Cesc Fabregas to the Spanish midfielder returned from Barcelona last summer. Make a decision to sign a contract with London rivals Chelsea.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fabregas - Messi is upheld Hazard of Chelsea

Cesc Fabregas holds workshop Chelsea's Eden Hazard vital to the army, Sing the Blues is no different with Lionel Messi of Barcelona with its militiamen team has a bright future. Cesc Fabregas midfielder but Chelsea's English Premier League club's sergeant believes Eden Hazard playmaker teammates. A player can influence the team in the same class as Lionel Messi shoots striker Arjen Stein of Barcelona's Spanish La Liga giants stage.

Fabregas - The biggest problem is the private Mourinho Chelsea!

Star Spanish midfielder revealed about Mourinho's biggest problem during the difficult period first half of this season, before he was sacked in March 12/2015.
Cess Fabregas is one of the pillars of the blame Chelsea had deliberately played under Jose Mourinho effort to make the second time in his career at Stamford Bridge job losses. Many fans believed it more after the midfielder and some other unexpected star performance improved under the caretaker guidance of coach Hiddink.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Champions League final between Liverpool and AC Milan: To Basel together!

Not just a plane ride away But driving a car I was inspired by the movie WILL The young British one. To make their dreams come true. The journey from England City to Istanbul, Turkey for the UEFA Cup. 2004-05 Champions League final between Liverpool and AC Milan ...
I believe that one of the fans on the Kop will choose to drive to the city of Basel. Switzerland It was closer than the city of Istanbul and many times takes too long. It was really exciting

Sunderland - Chelsea: Fragile Hope

In the situation of thousands of very thin, only a new winner has the opportunity to help Sunderland Premier League next season remain. And on the other side the frontline, maybe Chelsea fans have been waiting for the season to finish as soon as possible, to be able to feel the changes under the new reign of Antonio Conte.

Mata helped Manchester United beat Norwich

MU won on the field of Norwich City with the only goal of Mata. Spanish midfielder scored after 72 minutes to put the Red Devils to win. With this win he game Van Gaal is causing pressure for Man City.

MU players not on the field or of Norwich, but this team still has a 1-0 victory thanks to goals only recorded 72 minutes Mata With this goal Van Gaal's men have had all three points important, they now have 63 points, just one point less Man City in the game. Tomorrow night, Manchester City will have to play against Arsenal, it would be intense pressure of this team, because they have to win new autonomy in the top four positions on the chart.