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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Altering the deal: why Tony Fadell left Nest — and Alphabet

Last Friday’s news that Nest CEO Tony Fadell would be leaving the company he founded with Matt Rogers and stepping into an advisory role seemed like the culmination of months of stories about Nest’s demanding culture — particularly the frank displeasure of former Dropcam CEO Greg Duffy, who openly regretted selling his company to Nest. These reports have largely focused on Fadell, whose management style has been polarizing. But another dynamic playing out may have been even more important, according to interviews with insiders: Google's restructuring into Alphabet last year, which placed new financial pressures on Nest to perform that some say limited its ability to innovate.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hot rules allow anyone to invest more than $2,000 the year of startups

Way back of 2012, Barack Obama signed the JOBS Act into law. Part of the legislation was aimed at making it easier for average people to invest in startups, potentially reaping the rewards on the next Facebook, upside which until now has been limited to wealthy investors and venture capitalists. The ordinary citizens who backed the Oculus Rift on Kickstarter, for example, might have found themselves better rewarded if they were actual investors, not just fans making a pledge.

Apple announces app development accelerator in Bangalore, India

After a visit to China earlier in the week, Apple CEO Tim Cook's next stop is India, an increasingly important market for the company. Apple has just announced a iOS design and development accelerator to open in Bangalore, considered the main hub of the country's startup scene with over one million people working in the local tech sector. The center will provide support to local app developers and help improve their iOS software, providing one-on-one app reviews.

Charter officially owns Time Warner Cable, creating an US's Second largest cable provider

Charter has completed its purchase of Time Warner Cable, combining the two companies and forming the United States' second largest cable operator, just behind Comcast. Charter also completed its acquisition of the smaller cable provider Bright House Networks. With the three companies combined, Charter now serves over 25 million customers in 41 states.