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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Barca and Real convergence - Whom the Bell Tolls

Once again La Liga champions will be decided only at the last round may take a little while ago. So we should not restore flagging reputation as a tournament is not beautiful. You'll easily find elsewhere in the lack of competitiveness of the Spanish champions. They said the Barcelona - Real Madrid, in fact, is to compete in the higher levels of Glasgow Rangers - Celtic Rangers Scottish Premier League. The argument never became a reality, and now even more wrong... The Rangers have won only relegation and promotion to the top league in Scotland from next season.

They can do the double with a win in the Copa del Rey final, while Real and Atletico will do battle for the small matter of the Champions League as a consolation prize.
Barcelona are just ten minutes or so away from the title. Granada have put up a fight, albeit a literal one, but Real Madrid's 2-0 lead at Deportivo has been rendered academic.La Liga is not true, and the play itself anymore Barca. Before the final championship goal Atletico even brighter than real. And when their coach Diego Simeone Footloose to sit in the stands for Ban helm two years ago, Atletico crowned in the final when Barca.If not for Simeone banned for three games last season, steering Atletico Madrid are still able to compete with Real and Barca last minute to increase the attractiveness dramatic La Liga.

La Liga is no stranger to the life and death at the last minute like that, especially with kids. Nine years ago, they need to look as real reigned in the past after one of the famous names to be attached Tamudazo. Barcelona liven things up by finally snapping at Granada's physical approach. Suarez went down injured, Granada didn't kick the ball out...and, well, guess the rest. A little spell of pressure from Granada forces the Barcelona midfield to start working again. Real Madrid, meanwhile, look like they're wondering what the point is now. For this season at Barca farewell to legendary big - Johan Cruyff was still alive in the role of coach Cruyff saw Barca win the title three consecutive La Liga titles in the finals proper. year 1992 year 1993 year 1994 with the staging will be in a broken heart.

When the final curtain of the La Liga season, people still see their representatives in the two finals of the European Cup. Sevilla will face Liverpool in the Europa League match at Atletico is playing the Champions League crown in Milan. This represented the final in Lisbon two years ago. In addition, in the Europa League this year is the presence of three consecutive races in Sevilla for the past two years, they represented. True. Maybe those suitcases from Madrid weren't quite heavy enough. Granada haven't had a shot on target. It would literally be easier for Cristiano Ronaldo to leave the pitch in La Coruna, ask the Spanish FA to authorise a move to Granada, fly to Granada, come on as a substitute and help them.

The dominance of Spanish football at club level. But before the team is completely new since Cristiano Ronaldo to the Ballon Spain never leave this country, and La Liga is the most teams in UEFA and FIFA for the year. And now he is welcome such competition films. Granada while Barca actual turnout at the event, one of the guests at Deportivo La Coruna's Riazor and throughout this week, the two sides are keen to talk about what is known. Culture briefcase (of course, a bag full of money available ...) in La Liga, Madrid, the Catalan Department to hold off spending money, Granada, Madrid, Barca factor spending money with. Granada let go on how their former president Joan Gapsart Barca allegations actually be called. The stigma of football, the former president Ramon Calderon actually said: It's just ... Boomerang him alone.
I should have expected a keyboard-destroying goalfest, and so it has proved. Cristiano Ronaldo briefly put Real Madrid on top of La Liga - while Barcelona were finding their feet in Granada = but Luis Suarez, the top scorer in Spain, rubbed his face in it with two goals of his own.

This was Barcelona's to lose. Now it's theirs to do with as they wish.

That should settle Barcelona down a little, regardless of how many Ronaldo rattles in at the Riazor. If they throw it away from here, they deserve to lose the title, quite frankly. A boomerang of him? The cultural baggage was called by Barca in 1990, it still Gaspart Barca vice-president, is said to have used handbag to encourage players to Tenerife - a real contender in the final round of the 1991 season. 1992 and 1992 to 1993 - although there is no incentive to kick the longer roof life. Of course, Tenerife won both last season and ended the match 3-2 2-0 to hand to help Barca win the title.
Real Madrid Hierro (right), each shaming see Barca crowned since the defeat at the hands of Tenerife in the past, in 1992 and 1993.
Cultural baggage reappear again in 1994, but this time the opponents are rivals Deportivo La Coruna Barca in the past Deportivo 1-1 Valencia This result gives Barca position. best decorated table poker takes over La Liga champions for four consecutive years (1991-1994). Real Madrid applying the pressure on Deportivo, with Bale stationed out wide on the left to stretch the hosts' defence. Meanwhile, chance for Barcelona! Corner comes in and Gerard Pique's header is cleared off the line!
Free-kick to Granada, out on the left wing. Barcelona's Ter Stegen sees it all the way and plucks it out of the air - first remote moment of concern for either title contender.
With Barcelona, ​​it is a great achievement, because during the 31 years from 1960 to 1991, they only Spanish champions only twice. At the same time, the real crowned La Liga 19 times. There are three championships alongside Johan Cruyff, Barca turned the wheel of history. Sunday, 07/06/1992 actually entered the final round with a point more than Barcelona. They play confidently and quickly led 2-0 before Tenerife table with Fernando Hierro and Gheorghe Hagi. Meanwhile, it looks like Cruyff, Barca has not escaped festive mood after winning first prize in the history C1 and Athletic Bilbao continue to broadcast two matches 0-0 55 minutes and everything was organized. But then everything changed completely.The first is Tenerife pulled a goal back following a Hristo Stoichkov scored two goals for Barca away in less than 15 minutes.
The idea of Granada keeping him, Neymar and Suarez at bay today, while Real Madrid cruise past Deportivo, is mildly amusing.

Today could come down to the little details, the maletines , or little suitcases. Put simply, in Spain, when you need a team to beat someone, there's nothing wrong with throwing them a few Euros to motivate them a little more. 
Then the remaining 13 minutes the two sides unexpectedly Tenrife within 120 seconds Luis Enrique, despite the youthful and enthusiastic team, real estate has been swallowed atmosphere of Tenerife.

When watching a game at home, 12-year-old Xavi still feel uncomfortable because their parents did not allow him to go to London for the final of the C1 Cup with Barcelona. But what happens on the field as quickly as he forgot his discomfort. His hero is the champion of La Liga rivals nose later, Xavi said that the development of a remarkable season in La Liga, he has a great influence on his life, for he himself won a championship more ... eight. La Liga again in Barcelona in the rest. After slipping his shot is again fall into the same situation. Exactly one year later, Tenerife excursions and this time players like to wear leg lead. Failure of communication that Madrid 0-2 Tenerife called "Curse Island" Lorenzo Sanz, former president of Real Madrid said. The good memories about Tenerife Madridista's rare that they have sold Fernando Redondo us. Huerta said: They have sold their souls.

Of course, Barcelona has never admitted to having a handbag to encourage the spirit of the players, Tenerife We were invited to attend the Joan Gamper Cup alone, Gaspart said Calderon asked countered: But. Why not invite them earlier. .
Granada may need that motivation against Barcelona, at least as far as Real Madrid are concerned. With their La Liga status secured last weekend, the Andalusians welcome Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez to town.
Granada goalkeeper Ivan Kelava calmly said: My teammates told me to get paid to beat a team that's normal here. LFP Javier Tebas president three years ago is. it posed a regulation intended to prevent. Cultural baggage is: a team ranked higher in the final transcript will get more bonuses. But human psychology rather just want to get where you want to cut back further.

Barcelona 1-0 win over Granada in La Liga two years ago. Similar results if repeated today, can cause the loss of Messi and Real Team Championship.
Aka culture, encouraging cultural baggage as a regular in La Liga, Raul Tamudo scored twice while Tamudazo to shoot seismic in Catalonia nine years ago, he said. I do not want to comment in real money. Today, when Granada Barcelona team in their three Barca players are untouchable four players in the past and a guy named midfielder Javi Marquez. Marquez special place? He named his son because fans midfielder Modric Luka Modric's true. I do not have the money or try to hold out for a Barca confident, Marquez said. La Liga is not attractive or not. Boring it? You've just finished watching the final round, then think again.

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